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Our Services

We happen to have a notable infrastructure which surely helps us providing the best of services which eventually leads to the satisfaction of our clients and help us deliver the best.

In general we offer the following premium high quality services :-

ISBM involves molding into a 'perform' first and subsequently it also includes the neck of the bottles along with the thread (which is called finish). Once this stage is crossed the performers are put to cool themselves and after that these are taken through the process of Blow Molding. We have deployed ASB machinery (one of a kind ) for creating this with extra care and diligence.This technique is especially unique as it is a single stage process and thus, saves on time and effort while maintaining high quality.
It is an important part of the development process while considering the production of a new molding. Our in-house designing and mold making capabilities include machinery and software like CAD/CAM, VMC, EDM, CNC, Lathe etc. All this is done with the help of experts who by all means are dedicated nothing but he best.
We have a well developed infrastructure for injection moulding which includes- 20 injection moulding machines, Machines capacities range from 80-250 tons etc. Which will surely help you with your needs and thus , you can further enhance your brand value. Milacron machinery is being used for this kind of moulding that creates nothing but quality.
In order to form and join the hollow plastic parts together while ensuring best quality , we use CMP machinery that offers Blow Moulding which is instrumental for the brand image that your esteemed organization carries.
To give that aesthetically pleasing finish and look , we offer U.V. Metalizing services and our in house capabilities that includes Best in class equipment along with producing a range of vibrant colors and superior finishing options, is totally competent for that.
To give that extra shine and spark to the products, we provide well engineered foiling on most of the caps (that of jars, fliptop caps or bottle caps). This extra shine create a great impact aesthetically and thus make youe customers instantly like them.
For that alluring look and attractive visuals we provide spray paintings on most of the jars. Spray painting the inner cup of double walled jars ensures that aesthetically pleasing look of the product. It also helps you have a unique image of you brand.
We have an exclusive in-house print shop that provides an absolute finishing touch by deploying the premium facility available in house like that of the state of the art semi- automatic screen printing machine, which caters to all of your needs.