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Pet Bottles

Our firm is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a qualitative range of Plastic Jars and Containers. Our superior range of products includes Plastic Jars, Plastic Packaging Jar and Supplement Jar. Our products are highly appreciated for its designs, colors, odor resistant and durability. We give great importance to quality and customer satisfaction.

15ml Comb Applicator
15ml Cream Pump
15ml Flip Top Cap
15ml Mist Pump
30ml Comb Applicator
30ml Cream Pump
30ml Flip Top Cap
30ml Mist Pump
30ml JLI Bottle
50ml Comb Applicator
50ml Cream Pump
50ml Flip Top Cap
50ml Mist Pump
100ml Comb Applicator
100ml Cream Pump
100ml Flip Top Cap
100ml Mist Pump
100ml Avon Bottle
100ml JLI Bottle
200ml Avon Bottle
200ml JLI Bottle
200ml Asta Bottle
300ml Boston Bottle
15ml Goldmetalizing Flip Top
30ml Goldmetalizing Flip Top
50ml Goldmetalizing Flip Top
100ml Goldmetalizing Flip Top
Avon 200ml Flip Top Cap
Avon 200ml Mist Pump
Avon 200ml Dispenser Pump
Avon 200ml Dome Cap
Avon 200ml Goldmetalizing Flip Top Cap
Avon 200ml Silvermetalizing Screw Cap
JLI 200ml Flip Top Cap
JLI 200ml Mist Pump
JLI 200ml Dispenser Pump
JLI 200ml Dome Cap
JLI 200ml Goldmetalizing Flip Top Cap
JLI 200ml Silvermetalizing Screw Cap
Asta 200ml Flip Top Cap
Asta 200ml Mist Pump
Asta 200ml Dispenser Pump
Asta 200ml Dome Cap
Asta 200ml Goldmetalizing Flip Top Cap
Asta 200ml Silvermetalizing Screw Cap